Lisa Yeutter, RN, LMT

My goal as an RN and LMT is to aid people on their quest to achieve a state of optimal health and wellness. In both my personal and professional life I value health, relationships, knowledge, spirituality and adventure. As an RN I have had the pleasure of promoting health and supporting patients and families in coping with acute illness.

After a decade of being a massage client and exploring various styles of massage, I had the burning desire to learn the massage techniques that had helped me relieve stress and pain from orthopedic injuries. In December of 2012, she graduated with a Diploma in Professional Massage Therapy from the Cortiva Institute, where she learn to utilized various modalities and techniques to address client needs and goals, including Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Release, Neuromuscular Techniques, Pregnancy. Therapeutic Massage is my passion and I love to utilize advanced corrective techniques to relieve pain, help correct postural problems and be a guide for my clients on a path to healing.


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